Where Do Microbiotic Minerals Originate?

 Microbiotic minerals have been made by microbes in the soil in an organic minerals form, being formed naturally and organically during various stages of diagenesis. Microbiotic minerals are formed by microbes digesting and processing carbonaceous matter in the soil, originating mostly from plants and plant residues, over a period of thousands and thousands of years.

 Humate deposits containing organic mineral complexes can be found in any area of the world. Large deposits are located in Canada, the Midwest, Texas, New Mexico, Utah and Idaho. The method of extraction from these various deposits is the key difference in the product.

Here is a summary of the methods used:

  1. Humates extracted with potassium hydroxide. Many of the agricultural organic mineral solutions are extracted and sold from this process as well as some in the food supplement industry. These contain large amounts of potassium with negative extraneous compounds.
  2. Humates extracted with strong acid solutions. Some of these contain high amounts of sulfur and harmful extraneous compounds.
  3. Humates extracted with water (hot and cold). These extractions contain high amounts of negative water-soluble compounds (many of which are potentially toxic) and have a very unpleasant and harsh taste. A good rule of thumb in organic mineral extractions is the stronger or more unpleasant the taste, the more inferior the extraction method and the more potentially harmful is the product.
  4. Humates extracted with a proprietary water extraction process developed by H. Raul Fernandez, PD, Analytical Chemist of HealthTech International, Inc. This extraction targets the organic mineral complex while excluding the potentially harmful water-soluble compounds. This complex is the only organic mineral solution that has been taken to a concentrated powder and back again to a solution, while preserving, intact, all of the organic characteristics. This is the safest organic mineral supplement available from all known sources, matching the exact complexes found in foods grown in 100% fertile organic soils.