The Organic Mineral Complex

 There is now extensive interest, in the supplement industry, in the use of the natural organic mineral complex formed during humification. This organic complex has been labeled by the scientific community as fulvic acids, fulvic complexes, humic complexes, and other names. 200 years of scientific studies have verified that this complex is the best form of organically complexed digestible minerals, trace elements, electrolytes and other trace nutrients. Theses studies verify that these complexes were in all foods grown in organically fertile soils, and that the chemical agriculture we have practiced in this century has depleted our soils of the complexes. They are no longer in our foods.

 We have chosen to identify this complex which we produce as Microbiotics. We have made this choice, as our product is vastly unique when compared to others making the fulvic, humic or organic mineral complex claim. Our uniqueness originates in two important processes of our production that no other producer has matched or duplicated. They are:

  1. Our multi-step, pure water extraction process.
  2. Our processing of the liquid organic complex into a dry concentrate form.

The Extraction Process

 There are many suitable humic deposits of ancient origin, which contain concentrated amounts of the organic mineral complex (Microbiotics). The complex can be extracted by pure water, by using strong acids, or by using strong alkalines. When strong acids or alkalines are used, these reagents may:

 When strong acids or alkalines are used, these reagents may:

  1. Alter the structure of the organic complex.
  2. Dissolve many inorganic substances into the extracted solution, many of which could also be large colloidal particles of absolutely no nutritional value.
  3. Add the acid or alkaline chemical structure to the solution which is potentially harmful.

 Pure water extractions pick up the organic mineral complexes (especially the fulvic complex fraction) but it can also pick up all other water soluble fractions from the humic material, including large colloidal particles which are of no nutritional value and which can be detected by shining a laser light through the solution. If the light beam is visible as it passes through the solutions, all the particles reflecting this visibility are too large to be digested. Many of the other dissolved water-soluble fractions are not the organic complexes nor of any nutritional value. Some of these unwanted water solubles are even toxic. The pure isolated organic complex has a mild taste and almost no unpleasant after taste. For this reason, if a company advertises pure water extraction and humic complexes, and has a strong, unpleasant or bad taste, you can be sure the extraction contains large amounts of colloidal and/or dissolved compounds which are not the organic complexes. It could be loaded with extra factors, some of which could be hazardous. A good rule of thumb is this: The better the taste, the better the extraction.

 Raul Fernandez, the President of HealthTech International, Inc., has extensive background and skill as an Analytical Chemist. He has developed a multi-step pure water extraction process, during which he separates the organic complex from the useless and undesirable water solubles which are part of any humic deposit. Extensive analytical tests confirm that he has separated the desirable complexes in their most stable form from all other fractions. This means that the Microbiotic complex from HealthTech is the best of the Microbiotic complexes available anywhere on Earth, completely safe at any concentration and capable of providing the exact benefits which would be in healthy foods grown in 100% organic complex-rich soils.

Liquid Complex To Organic Microbiotic Powder

 Many companies producing mineral solutions offer what they represent as the dry mineral form of their solutions. There is a vast difference between these dry mineral concentrates. Many of them do not have the organically complexed minerals to begin with or they have only a very small percentage of the organic complex in their solutions. The dry mineral powder from these products has very little value nutritionally. A very simple test will verify this fact. Take any dry mineral concentrate powder and place in a crucible. Put the crucible on a hot plate and heat for 10 to 15 minutes at medium temperature. Observe the change, if any, which has occurred with the powder. If any of the powder has turned black, that portion is ash. In the body, this ash will tend to accumulate and is potentially harmful and toxic. You can send a sample of any product to laboratories for this ash test. You do not want to take into your body any product with a high ash content. HealthTech International has a dry organic based Microbiotic powder that contains no ash. This dry Microbiotic complex can be encapsulated with vitamins, amino acids, herbs, and other nutritional preparations to supply the organically complexed minerals and electrolytes. It will provide increased absorption and delivery into the cell, of all the other nutrients with which it is combined, along with the added enhancement of the other trace nutrients contained in Microbiotics. This is a revolutionary breakthrough in the preparation of nutritional supplements.


 Raul Fernandez is the originator of the proprietary extraction process of Microbiotics and originator of the proprietary drying process of the Microbiotics Powder. He has also applied his analytical chemical background toward new breakthroughs in nutritional formulations. Two of his products have been clinically tested in Europe. He has seven formulations with Certificates of Free Sale, which are cleared for worldwide distribution. He has managed the formulation of over 200 nutritional products for a large wholesale distributor of dietary supplements. He is currently formulating over 30 proprietary dietary supplements which he has designed, working with researchers, nutritional consultants, and doctors nationwide and in foreign countries. His application of the key organic mineral complex to nutritional formulations will be one of the most significant innovations to the dietary supplement industry in the 21st century.