Unflavored Natural Microbiotic Solution - Available in 32 oz. and 8 oz. bottles, 55 gal. drums, and 5,000 gal. tanker truck loads.
  • Provides over 70 natural organically-complexed minerals
  • Unflavored, suitable for those with sensitivity to natural flavorings or for those who   simply prefer natural.
  • Flavored (natural - no sweeteners) Microbiotic Solution - Available in 32 oz and 8 oz. bottles, 55 gal. drums, and 5,000 gal. tanker truck loads.
  • Provides a pleasant-tasting mineral source for 70 natural organically-complexed        minerals
  • The most effective natural electrolyte boost nature has created.
  • Topical Spray With Aloe - Available in 8 oz. and 4 oz. sizes.
  • Health for the skin - electrolyte and mineral support that readily penetrates into skin   cells.
  • The mineral complex's natural ability to neutralize toxins on contact, make this the   best application for insect and spider bites, poison ivy, etc.
  • Stops pain and blistering from sunburn, heat burn, or chemical burns.
  • Microbiotic Solution Fortified for the Immune system - Available in 8 oz. and 4 oz. sizes
  • 3 choices are offered in these solutions to boost the immune system, including        proprietary additions of gold and silver./li>
  • Microbiotic Solution Fortified with (your choice) - Available in 32 oz., 8 oz., & 4 oz. sizes.
  • The Microbiotic solution is compatible with nearly all nutritionals and improves their   assimilation, speed of action, and total performance. After testing, we can provide   you with a custom formula only you have.
  • Microbiotic Solution Fortified with Selected Organic Marine Minerals - Available in 4 oz. only.
  • This is a new technological development, having been in testing phases during the   last 2 years. The performance has been astonishing!
  • Creams and Gels

    Wide Spectrum Antioxidant Cream in Microbiotic Solution Base - Available in 1 oz. only.
  • This formula combines several of the top antioxidants in our mineral base that is healthful to the skin. Replenish skin health and you replenish youth.
  • Microbiotic Fortified Solution Gel - Available in 4 oz.
  • This is a very popular first aid gel. It is effective for applications to athlete's foot, warts, injuries and any skin irritation which could be benefited by this polyelectrolyte topical aid.
  • Encapsulated Products:

    Each is activated by the only totally organic mineral complex in a highly refined dry base form, Microbiotic Powder.

  • Combines key herbs, vitamins, minerals, and support nutrients for maintaining maximum movement, health and restitution to joints, connective tissue, bones and muscles.
  • Combines essential amino acids, vitamins, key minerals, support nutrients, herbal extracts and herbs for mental nutritional support. This provides the key nutrients to maintain and restore mental function, memory alertness and focus.
  • Herbal energy sources with key vitamins, minerals, other nutrient energy additions and selected amino acids. This is a formula which can provide sustained energy without drug-like stimulants.
  • Here is a formula blending herbal support for all phases of digestion and elimination. Combined with these herbs, are supporting enzymes, vitamins and minerals to balance the digestive process.
  • A blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals, balanced to support and calm the functions of the nervous system, are provided in this formula.
  • Key vitamins, minerals, and a balance of herbs to support the immune system are blended in this formula to supply daily support to the body's immune defenses.
  • Antioxidant vitamins, minerals, and the leading antioxidant herbs and extracts supply defense and support against the free radicals we face in our environment.
  • Here is a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutrients for male nutritional needs and support.
  • A blend of basic vitamins, key minerals, and herbs for female nutrition and support.
  • We can combine the world's only known, pure, concentrated, dry form of organically complexed minerals to help any other nutrient perform faster, produce more positive effects and reach more cells of the body.