Microbiotic Organic Minerals

They are the MOST POWERFUL electrolyte on Earth

Why Are HealthTech International's Minerals Absolutely The Very Best?

  1. Microbiotic organic minerals, a combination of several organic complexes, is the most powerful electrolyte on Earth and contains over 70 trace organic minerals in the most digestible form.
  2. HealthTech International, Inc. has developed a unique extraction technique to safely recover organically complexed minerals (microbiotic) from humate materials. Microbiotic organic minerals are, in compound complex, of very small size (under 700, molecular weight). This particle size carries over 70 minerals and trace elements, in a package Nature has created, to deliver these minerals and elements in a pure digestible form. (Inorganic minerals are very hard to dissolve and assimilate. Their particle size is too large to be digested and used by the body with any benefit.) HealthTech's unique extraction provides a supplement source found nowhere else on Earth. The microbiotic minerals are reflecting Nature's finest extracted organic minerals, with the smallest particle size, totally useable, digestible, and assimilated by the body. Microbiotic organic minerals are extracted from HealthTech's own source of superior complexed organic matter.
  3. Microbiotic minerals, processed by HealthTech International, Inc., are the best and most digestible organic minerals! That has been proven by the most scientifically advanced mineral analysis in the world, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Testing (NMR).
  4. HealthTech International, Inc. has a unique drying technique in which we get the microbiotic organic minerals in a powder form, while preserving all the organic integrity. This product provides the food supplement industry with the safest and purest organic mineral concentrate available today. The most important benefit derived from the microbiotic mineral powder is that every formula combination of amino acids, herbs, and vitamins, needs minerals to be properly assimilated by our bodies. Without the microbiotic minerals powder, they are not as beneficial to our health. HealthTech International, Inc. is the creator of the microbiotic mineral powder that cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world!
  5. HealthTech International, Inc. has the endorsement of the foremost researcher on this subject, William R. Jackson, PhD., who compiled the most complete book about organic mineral complexes entitled "Organic Soil Conditioning". His work received the National First Place Non-Fiction Award of 1994, as announced in the Writer's Digest Journal, August 1994. This 958 page text, with a 90 page bibliography is recognized worldwide.